A basin Trail Maps

The trail map below shows the front side of the A Basin ski area. The Montezuma Bowl is located on the back side of the mountain.

Motezuma Bowl Trail Map

The Pallavicini is a signature portion of this mountain, boasting some of the toughest terrain that local heros lap around regularly. Even riding up the Pali Chair can be intimidating, and probably should since there is only blue run (Grizzly Road) down from the top of this lift if you happen to think you can't handle it. This is located on the far skier's left. As a personal story, back in 1997 I was skiing here with buddies, and we got off the Pali Chair and noticed we were the only ones not wearing helmets, and this was back when nobody was wearing helmets. So make sure to study up on your Trail Map before getting on this lift. Better yet, just take two minutes and watch the people getting on this lift. If that crowd seems to fast for you, might try another portion of this hill.

Black Mountain Express is the high speed quad that pretty much starts your adventure from the base. This will get you to the middle of the hill and the most equitable spot on the mountain. There are an equal number of green, blue, and black runs from this position. This is a great place to warm up if you are a beginner skier/boarder, though there is more traffic at the bottom and longer lines.

Mid-Mountain Lifts. There are two: Norway (2 seater) and Lenawee (3 seater). They both go to practically the same place on the peak, except that it's much easier to access the Montezuma Bowl if you take the Lenawee. If you look at the trail map, you can see what we mean. Norway gives you easier access to the skier's left portion of the hill; Lenawee to skier's right.

Zuma Lift is the dedicated chair for the Montezuma Bowl--the back side of Arapahoe Basin. This was opend up for the 2007-2008 season, and it increased the total skiable domain by 80%. It's a skier's dream back here. While this isn't the place for beginners, it isn't all black runs. There are a few long and wide open blue back here (Larkspur & Columbine) and a couple of tree runs as well. But if you are an expert or up for the challenge, you will find 13 black diamond runs and another seven double back diamonds. Don't worry if you think you've skied off the map. There is a hiking trail that will bring you back up to the Zuma Lift.

Molly Hogan. Who could forget her? This is the bunny hill. It's a two seater and will take you a 30-40 yards up the mountain to help kids and newbies find their ski legs and practice a little bit.

It's always smart to grab an A Basin Trail Map at one of the lifts for quick reference if you get lost, need to find a quick bathroom, or find the easiest way down. There are available everywhere. Better still, if you can look up the trail map on your phone/tablet/computer the day before you get here, it will make everything make a lot more sense.

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